Amon Kareth: The Vault of Death

Session 1 - The Shattered Temple

A group of adventurers come together...


In the town of Redcrest, in a tavern called the Wet Dog, a merchant named Arkin brings together a band of adventurers:

Arkin hires the group to find a strongbox for him, which was stolen by goblin raiders from a caravan coming into town. The group is able to negotiate with him, and determine that the strongbox contains a diary, connected to the Corso Family. The group realizes the last member of the Corso family was a warrior known as the Dragonslayer, who is buried to the south – in the same place the goblins are going.

The group follows the trail south, and along the way they talk amongst themselves, and begin to form their first impressions of the other members of this motley crew that has been brought together. They follow the trail to the Shattered Temple of Auburn Glen, where they come upon a band of goblin raiders. After a brutal battle, the group manages to vanquish the goblins, but leave one alive to question. This goblin, Kapp, provides them with a layout of the catacombs, where he tells them they will find a necromancer.

The group proceeds into the catacombs, where they fight more goblins and zombies. They enter another room, and the doors slam shut. There is a shelf in the wall with seven buttons all in a row, each button identical to the others. There are small vents on the wall by the floor. Next to the row of buttons, there is a sheet of paper with a riddle written on it:

I only want to help you
My neighbor wants you dead
His neighbor’s neighbor doesn’t kill
But knocks you out instead

His brother does the same thing
And is found at table’s end
But his neighbor turns you right to stone
So don’t think him a friend

His neighbor brings you blindness
And is two doors down from me
But the one between us doesn’t kill
Though you two might not agree

There’s another of our number
Who is to my right a ways
He turns your body inside out
And will surely end your days

So now you have your choices
Only I open this room
So will you find safe passage
Or will you find only doom?

The players are able to solve the riddle, and the doors swing open…



Supergeek_Mike Supergeek_Mike

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