Amon Kareth: The Vault of Death

Session 2 - Tomb of the Dragonslayer

New allies, new enemies...

The Adventurers:

New members:

Deep in the catacombs beneath the Shattered Temple, the doors to the Tomb of the Dragonslayer swung open… and Cassius Revell and Donella Huba vanished. KraKow, Ollennia, and Vexol Randinson were confused and concerned, as they were face-to-face with a room full of zombies and Thaddeus the belligerent necromancer. However, to their relief, they discovered two hostages of Thaddeus’ chained to statuary: Ulrik, the wild-card half-orc archer, and Vonin Jorn the dwarven fighter / wandering blacksmith.

With their help, the group was able to destroy the zombies and kill the necromancer. They found the diary they had been sent after (the Corso Diary). When they opened the sarcophagus of the Dragonslayer, they found the Corso Key, a magical artifact which Vonin takes possession of. They also find a Frost Longsword, which is given to Vexol, and a bag of holding, which is given to Ollennia (as well as additional gold).

While examining the diary, the group found references to an alliance between four families: the Corso family, the Greylock family, the Netheridge family, and the Harkin family. They also found references that these families had been working together against the machinations of an unnamed Enemy…

The group also found a letter among Thaddeus’ effects:


The diary is being moved. It is being taken to the town of Redcrest. Use your forces to steal the book, and then follow its directions to the First Scion, and retrieve the First Key.

Once you have the key, send a message by way of the usual method, and I will send an agent to help you prepare for the next phase.

The diary will be moved from Lear on the 8th day of this month. The wagon will have but 4 guards, and they will be unprepared for your might.

The day will soon be ours.

Lord Khan

The group finds a Bloodletter Scroll among Thaddeus’ belongings, and sends a simple message with Thaddeus’ blood: I have the key.
After a number of minutes, a message comes back:
The hills north of Redcrest. Three days. Find Ragnar. Once again, signed by the mysterious Khan… The group realizes this may be Ragnar the Prejudiced, a powerful orc warlord.

The group returns to Redcrest, where they return the diary (minus a few key pages) to Arkin. In light of the disappearance of Cassius and Donella, Arkin refuses to pay their shares to the rest of the group. Vonin goes to the blacksmith, Anna, and repairs his armor. Ulrik disappears for a time on a personal errand, and when he returns, his secrets begin to cause friction with the group. As they get supplies for their journey, they pay a visit to the local wizard, Jessup (who seems friendly, if somewhat addled). He sells them healing potions, but before they leave Ollennia has a private conversation with him.

The group makes for the hills, and finds a large orc encampment. The group waits until they have the cover of night and sleep, and pick off the orc guards, before abducting Ragnar in his sleep. They strip him naked, steal his Flaming GreatAxe (which is taken by KraKow), and sneak back towards Redcrest to find a private place to interrogate him.

As they leave the camp, Ulrik reveals his secret to the group: Ragnar killed Ulrik’s family and tribe – and, years later, his mentor.


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