Amon Kareth: The Vault of Death

Session 4 - Arrival at Crystalshore

The hunt for the third key takes a turn...

The Adventurers:

The group awoke on the road to discover Ulrik and Vexol Randinson had vanished in the night, leaving the bag of holding and one of the transformed horses, but apparently having taken Ragnar with them. The remaining members, KraKow, Lucan, Ollennia, and Vonin Jorn resolved to continue to the city of Crystalshore, to find the third key.

Before they could go any further, though, Donella Huba reappeared out of thin air, followed closely by several large spiders and ettercaps.

The party made quick work of the creatures, and Donella told them that, when she had first disappeared from the group, she had found herself with another group of adventurers, fighting spiders and trying to locate a relic with them. Now that she was back with the group, they caught her up on what they had been up to, and she agreed to travel with them to Crystalshore.

When the party arrived, they discover the town is in full swing, preparing for a wedding scheduled the next day – the wedding of Lord Eric Netheridge. However, they quickly realize no one in the town seemed to be able to speak. One of the townsfolk drew a crude drawing of a woman with a monstrous face – Cecelia the Sea Devil, a local superstition of a demonic creature who encourages sailors to mutiny, and uses her kraken to wreak havoc across the sea.

The group made their way into the palace, where they meet Eric Netheridge, the last member of the Netheridge family, along with his butler Grimsby, and his Captain of the Guard and Personal Guard to Eric, Max. Here, the party learns that the Netheridge Key was stolen years before by a bandit. The bandit was shrouded, but Max was able to take 2 of his fingers – which have not aged or rotted in the years since Max cleaved them off. Eric introduced the party to his fiance – Katerina – and the group recognized her as the fiance of Adam Greylock.

Katerina told the group that she awoke in the castle and found it to be filled with horrible monsters, and ran into the hills. After several days, she was discovered by a man named Devereaux, who sold her into slavery. She served a ruthless Baroness, a sadistic woman named Ravenna Grimhilde. After a matter of months, she escaped, but remembers being lost in the forest, then waking on the shores of Netheridge’s palace six months ago. She had no idea that the day she fled from Castle Greylock was 20 years ago, which means there are 19 and 1/2 years missing from her life (not only does she have no memory to account for the missing time, but she appears to be no older than in the portrait Greylock had of her).

The group insisted Katerina come with them to Adam, telling her he is alive and transformed into a monster, and that they believe her kiss might have undone the curse. They were able to convince Eric to postpone the wedding when they point out that, on the night before his wedding to Katerina, Adam Greylock woke up a hideous monster, and they have no way of knowing if the same would not happen here.

The group, including Eric, Max, and Katerina, marched out to Castle Greylock, where they discover that an army has come through and slaughtered Greylock and his people. Dead orcs lay side-by-side with the creatures of the castle, and several lay around the body of Adam Greylock. Katerina kissed his lifeless corpse, but it was no use – he is a monster in death, as well as life. Outside, they were met once again by Isaac, who told them that Greylock was no longer any use to him. He wished Eric a happy wedding day, and rode away.

The group returned to Crystalshore to find several upset wedding guests (as the wedding has now been delayed several days) – but the preparations for the wedding resumed. As Eric hosted his guests in a feast, the party tried to discover why no one in the city could speak. They met the cleric of the palace, Carlotta, but she proved to be little more than a glorified astrologist. However, Grimsby told them he would meet them at midnight to tell them what he knew.

At midnight, Grimsby came to the group and brought them into the dungeons, where they discovered Katerina – who had apparently been down there for over a week. This Katerina claimed she had not seen who had imprisoned her. Grimsby had discovered her the day the other Katerina had left for Castle Greylock, and has since told no one, not knowing who could be trusted. The group brought Eric to the dungeon to see her, and to try to determine the truth. They brought the Katerinas together, and neither could prove their claim. However, Ollennia realized the Dungeon Katerina was glowing with dark magic – and when she called her out on it, the Dungeon Katerina dropped her disguise, and became Cecilia, the Sea Devil. Cecilia thanked Grimsby for his service, and he immediately threw himself out the tower window and fell to his death. Lucan swung at her, but his sword passed through her with no effect. She vanished, and an otherworldly shriek shook the stones of Crystalshore. All at once, the town regained the ability to speak, but it was clear a battle was coming…


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