Adam Greylock

Lord of Castle Greylock


Lord of Castle Greylock, cursed to take the form of a terrible monster.


20 years ago, on the morning of his wedding to his bride Katerina, Adam Greylock awoke to discover he had been transformed into a horrible beast. The rest of his household staff had been turned into monsters as well, and his bride had fled the Castle.

Adam came to believe that true love’s kiss might break the spell, but could find no trace of Katerina. He began abducting local maidens from nearby towns, in an attempt to find a girl who could lift the curse. However, none of them were successful, and Greylock kept them in the castle so they could not spread the word of his curse. Over time, the girls would transform into monsters like Greylock and his servants, just by staying in the castle and eating the food over weeks of time.

Rumors spread that a group of monsters had taken over the castle and killed all of the inhabitants. When the Adventures visited, he told them everything, and handed over the Greylock Key which had been passed down to him. They left to meet with Isaac, an emissary of Lord Khan.

After the Adventurers left, Isaac led an army of orcs against Castle Greylock. Adam was able to kill many orcs before finally succumbing to his wounds. He died in his bedchambers, where the Adventurers later found his body, along with his long-lost love Katerina.

Adam Greylock

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