Cecelia the Sea Devil

A powerful, siren-like creature of the sea


Local legend speaks of a creature named Cecilia, a siren who appears as a beautiful woman with the face of an angler fish. Sometimes she has the skin of a shark, or hair of seaweed, but always the face of an angler – yet always described as beautiful. Usually she is described as wearing a simple silk dress, though sometimes she is said to be naked, or dressed only in the foam of the sea.

She tempts sailors to their deaths – and sometimes seduces men to commit mutiny. There are several pirates sailing the sea (even some who have mutinied against their already-pirate captains), pillaging under her name, and flying banners with her face. There are also tales that she has a kraken in her thrall, which she uses to bring down the ships of those sailors she cannot tempt.

There are some who say she was a witch who was transformed by her own dark magic. Others say she is a demon, or lower god, and has always been the way she is.


Cecelia the Sea Devil

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