Eric Netheridge

Lord of Crystalshore


Lord of the town of Crystalshore on the east coast.


Eric Netheridge was walking on the beach when he found the unconscious body of a beautiful girl, Katerina, washed up on the shore. He took her back to his estate, where he nursed her back to health, and soon the two fell in love and were engaged to be married.

The day before the wedding, a group of Adventures came to the palace and told Eric that his bride’s former fiancĂ©, Adam Greylock, had not died but been cursed to become a horrible monster. They also told Eric that everyone in the town (outside of the palace staff) was unable to speak, and that they blamed Cecelia the Sea Devil. They asked after his family key, and he said it was stolen years before by a bandit. Fearing Eric’s wedding day could go the way of Greylock’s, the adventurers convinced Katerina, Eric and his retainers (including his Captain of the Guard Max) to ride out to Castle Greylock and see if Katerina could lift the curse. However, when they reached the castle, they found it had been attacked by orcs, and Greylock and his people had been killed.

The group returned to Crystalshore after a few days and resumed plans for the wedding. That evening, Eric was woken by his manservant Grimsby and taken to the dungeons, where he met the party and found Katerina locked in a cell, where she had apparently been imprisoned for several days. They all proceeded to Katerina’s chambers, to try to determine the truth. Eric tried to figure out which one was the real Katerina, when Ollennia was able to detect great magic coming off of the Katerina from the dungeons. The fake Katerina commanded Grimsby to kill himself, then melted away as the party attached, and a terrible scream rocked the city. The town regained their speech, but Eric and his companions were filled with dread…

The next morning, the wedding commenced on the shores of Crystalshore Bay, but in the moments before the bride and groom could complete their vows, a kraken attacked the wedding party. Several soldiers died before the party could fight the kraken off, but then Cecilia appeared and swayed the crew to turn on each other. Eric was cut down by a member of his own staff, and his bride was cut down by KraKow (before returning to life). His body was laid to rest by his late wife, despite never officially marrying her, and she took control of the Netheridge estates.

Eric Netheridge

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