Goblin Raider


Kapp was a goblin bandit who worked for Thaddeus. He was the last survivor of his group when the Adventurers fought Thaddeus at the Shattered Temple. The group questioned him for information, then tied him up and left him alive. Ollennia left 15 gold pieces with him before they went into the catacombs. When they returned alive, and with new members, they released Kapp, but Ulrik tried to kill him by firing two arrows after him as he fled.

Along his path, he encountered Lucan, Avenger of Jasari, who was hot on the trail of a cult he suspects of burning shrines to Jasari. He interrogated Kapp, and learned about the Adventurers, and followed their trail.


Mentioned he had a sister in Lear.

Likes Ollennia. Not a fan of Ulrik.

KraKow, Son of KaThum: “He seemed like he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I typically take no pity on goblins as they have ravaged my mountains….but something seemed off about him. I’m not saying he deserved a Mountain Hug but he didn’t deserve to die. I’m glad we spared him as he gave us the information we needed about the catacombs……maybe I could give him a Boulder Bump……but certainly no Mountain Hug.”


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