Mysterious bride of Adam Greylock and Eric Netheridge, Lady of Crystalshore


A beautiful 19-year-old girl with red hair. She is a former peasant who wears a simple seashell necklace.


Katerina Victorson grew up in a small village south of the mountains, where she met Lord Adam Greylock. They fell in love, and despite her social status, were due to be married. On the morning of the wedding, she awoke to find the castle filled with howling monsters and the sounds of screaming and smashing furniture, and fled.

After several days, she was discovered by a man named Devereaux, who sold her into slavery. She served a ruthless Baroness for years, a sadistic woman named Ravenna Grimhilde. After a matter of months, she escaped, but remembers being lost in the forest, then waking on the shores of Netheridge’s palace six months ago. She had no idea that the day she fled from Castle Greylock was 20 years ago, which means there are 19 and 1/2 years missing from her life (not only does she have no memory to account for the missing time, but she appears to be no older than in the portrait Greylock had of her).

When she met the Adventurers, they insisted Katerina come with them to Adam, telling her he is alive and transformed into a monster, and that they believe her kiss might have undone the curse. They were able to convince Eric to postpone the wedding when they point out that, on the night before his wedding to Katerina, Adam Greylock woke up a hideous monster, and they have no way of knowing if the same would not happen here.

The group, including Eric, Max, and Katerina, marched out to Castle Greylock, where they discover that an army has come through and slaughtered Greylock and his people. Dead orcs lay side-by-side with the creatures of the castle, and several lay around the body of Adam Greylock. Katerina kissed his lifeless corpse, but it was no use – he is a monster in death, as well as life.

The group returned to Crystalshore to find several upset wedding guests (as the wedding has now been delayed several days) – but the preparations for the wedding resumed.

That night, the party came to her bedchambers with Eric, Grimsby and a doppelganger of Katerina, whom they claimed Grimsby had discovered in the dungeons. However, when Ollennia tried to detect magic, she noticed the dungeon Katerina was glowing with magical energy. The Dungeon Katerina killed Grimsby, then revealed herself to be Cecelia the Sea Devil. She vanished, and the wedding continued with the knowledge that they could very well be attacked during the ceremony…

At the wedding, the ceremony took place on the sea, as the fleet assembled off-shore. The group joined the bride and groom on the lead ship, along with a full regimen of soldiers. As the wedding began, it was interrupted as a Kraken attacked the ship. The group was able to fight off the Kraken, but things went from bad to worse when Cecelia arrived and charmed half the crew, including KraKow, into attacking Eric and Katerina. Eric was killed by one of his guards, and KraKow brought down the killing stroke on Katerina. KraKow awoke from the spell only to discover what he had done and fall to his knees in despair.

Once again, the party was able to fight Cecilia off, but the damage was done. The party began to mourn the fallen couple, killed before they could read their vows and be declared man and wife… when suddenly Katerina returned to life, her wounds healed. The party was baffled (except for KraKow, who of course believed it was the divine power of Kamanduul at work).

As the group returned to shore, they realized that Katerina and Eric had never legally completed the marriage, and that the control of Crystalshore was uncertain. They elected to keep this a secret, and tell the town that the wedding had been completed, and that Katerina was in charge according to law.


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