KraKow, Son of KaThum

Goliath - 'Battle Cleric'

  • 18 years old, 7’8", 320 lbs
  • Alignment: Good
  • Deity: Talmoc (exarch of Kamanduul)
    *For purposes of play, Talmoc can be used to substitute for Moradin or Kord.
  • Speaks: Common, Dwarven
  • Carries a Morningstar (two-handed)
    *He named it “BAMF” after the first sound it ever made.

*UPDATE: He has found Ragnar the Prejudiced’s GreatAxe and has named it “FOOSH” (Flaming +1)

  • Note: The people of KraKow’s tribe are people of the mountains and storm. They take great interest and seriousness in the sounds that echo their halls as if they speak to them. Because of this, the tribe of KaThum have named all their children by the first sound that echos the mountain walls when their child is born. This naming through sound is a strong foundation of their culture.
  • Born into the noble family of KaThum, KraKow has set out at 18 like all in his tribe, to explore the world, spread their teachings, and bring back knowledge for their people.
  • KraKow is an eternal optimist. He finds joy and new excitement in everything from rolling, climbing, and jumping to punching
  • He has studied the scholarly ways of Kamanduul, but he is not without his people’s own martial prowess. He has trained in the art of “ThWacking”. An ancient form of combat handed down from his ancestors.



- Saturday the 4th:
“I have been told that bathrooms are sometimes men named John. This confuses me deeply. I must meditate on this for a while.”

- Monday the 18th:
“I have hugged 22 people today. 15 more than yesterday. I find that I like hugging shifters more than humans. Their fur is soft and reminds me of mountain bears. Maybe I could have a shifter best friend…..some day.”

- Sunday the 3rd:
“The sun is hot.”

- Thursday the 22nd:
“I have tracked the elusive turtle for many miles. He is tricky and quick, but I believe it is the slow and steady that will win this race.”

- Monday the 26th:
“It turns out the turtle I was tracking is actually a Dragon…..I did not pursue it further.”

- Wednesday the 13th:
“I have overheard the existence of a man known as a: tree-hugger. The concept of hugging trees has never come to mind, but perhaps this tree-hugger has much to teach me.”

- Tuesday the 19th:
“I have won Redcrest’s drinking contest. I have never considered drinking to be a competitive sport, but I guess I have much to learn. I look forward to discovering this town’s peculiar customs and meeting this merchant I keep hearing about.”

KraKow, Son of KaThum

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