Lucan, Avenger of Jasari

Elven - 'Avenger'


Race: Elf
Age: 30 years old
Height: 6’2
Weight: 185 lbs
Alignment: Good
Deity: Jasari
Speaks: Common, Elven

Lucan dons black robes and a dark blue hooded cloak embroidered in white with holy symbols of Jasari The Wild Goddess. His Elven features are mostly covered except his fair skinned face, and long silver-white hair. Slung over his back rests a gleaming two-handed sword he has named “Jasari’s Justice”.


Lucan was an orphan raised in the wilderness by the Order of Jasari. He trained as an Avenger learning the principles of The Wild Goddess. Among many lessons Lucan was taught none were more essential than the gift of Jasari’s luck, an unseen force that guides their fate.

Jasari teaches enjoyment, and merriment in life, with a flexible amount of devotion. Preferring to wander the wilderness the Order stays away from civilization, but occasionally they wander into a town to partake in its fare. Followers are care free, relying on their prowess in the wild, but also a bit of luck to survive. They love to eat, drink, and exchange jovial comments with others. Some find their manners forward, from their lack of a social filter. The followers of Jasari tend to waste no moments, and say whatever is on their mind.

They believe every being should have equal chances at freedom and happiness. Freedom in all and everything, as long as it does not impede upon someone else. The Order is meant to protect that equality. Less focused on a single goal than most other avengers, they travel across the world, to find their own targets. Those who enslave or confine others are their greatest foes. They train to control their violence, only meant for defending the honor of their Goddess. However, once an enemy has been chosen they are relentless in its pursuit and do not waiver until its destruction.

The Order of Jasari has a hidden temple where the Avengers train. Being a small order they are without a traditional church system. Scattered shrines fill the wilderness seemingly without coherent placement. But this placement pays homage to Jasari’s devil-may-care nature.

In recent years an unknown cult believed to be worshipping undead has been setting fire to Jasari’s Shrines. Many have been completely destroyed, and few were salvaged in time to repair. The burnt remains were a constant reminder to Lucan of his Order’s lack of justice.

Lucan is the youngest of his Order at the age of 30, and very young for an Elf. Being rash and rebellious, he left the Order to pursue it’s enemies and deliver retribution. The rest of the Order disapproved, feeling he was too young, and not ready for true battle. They were unable to stop him, but could not blame him. His ideals were not unlike those of rebellious Jasari herself.

So, Lucan left without an inkling of whom is responsible for burning his shrines, but does not care. He will take his time exploring the world. One day he will find the culprits of his Goddess’s disgrace, and fulfill his oath of vengeance.

“You need no armor, only Jasari’s luck!” – Order of Jasari

Lucan, Avenger of Jasari

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