Captain of the Guard of Crystalshore, Personal Guard to Lord Eric Netheridge


Max is a Paladin of Velosa, and also the Captain of the Guard for Lord Eric Netheridge. He also serves as Netheridge’s personal protector, and councils him on many matters.


Years ago, a thief broke into the Netheridge Palace and stole the Netheridge Key in the night. He escaped, but Max was able to attack him and cut off 2 of the thief’s fingers. The fingers have not aged or rotted in the past several years.

When Eric was preparing to marry Katerina, Max was very uncomfortable having so many strangers in the palace, since his job is to protect Eric.

Max joined Eric and the party when they went to Castle Greylock and found the body of Adam Greylock.

That night, Max was awakened by the shriek of Cecelia the Sea Devil, and spent the rest of the night preparing to fight Cecilia’s forces at the wedding. At the wedding, Max and his soldiers fought off the kraken, but when Cecilia arrived she charmed Max with her siren song, and he killed Eric. He snapped out of the compulsion, and collapsed in grief.

When they returned to the shore, he swore his sword to Lady Katerina, despite knowing that the marriage was never legally sealed by their vows.


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