Ragnar the Prejudiced

Orc Warlord; commonly known as "Ragnar the Prejudiced"


Any opinions or beliefs expressed by Ragnar the Prejudiced to not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the Dungeon Master or the citizens of the Amon Kareth campaign setting.

Ragnar is a massive orc warrior. His face and chest are decorated with battle scars, almost entirely obscuring the numerous tattoos that once covered his grey skin. His greasy black beard is braided and decorated with small bones. His hair, also greasy, is tied off in a top-knot, and a small animal skull dangles from the end of it. He carries a massive battle-axe, the hilt of which is covered in tick-marks, counting its numerous victims. His nose is smashed and mishappen, a result of having been broken many times. His broad smile reveals a mismatched assembly of chipped and broken teeth. His eyes glow with cold malice.


Years ago, Ragnar was the leader of a gang of orcs who slaughtered Ulrik’s tribe and family. More recently, Ragnar’s group killed Bram (Ulrik’s mentor), and tortured Ulrik for days.

Ragnar the Prejudiced

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