Vonin Jorn, The Wandering Blacksmith

Dwarf- Blacksmith, Fighter

  • 28 years old, 4’6", 190 lbs
  • Allignment: Good
  • Diety: Ulmac, the Forgefather (exarch of Kamanduul)
  • Languages: Common, Dwarven
  • Carries his forge tools: A Warhammer and 3 small throwing hammers
    *His Forgehammer “Toecrusha”, and the 3 “krumpaz”
    *All hammers originated as dwarven forgehammers of various sizes and uses
  • Vonin hails from the mountain clan of Fulhorn: An uncompromising and particularly stubborn clan of dwarves, the descendants of Fulhorn believed that to be like rock and stone is the true and only path of life. Essentially, this dwarf clan believed that to be an immovable object and one with the mountain, focusing entirely on armor and defense, would allow them to whether any conflict and survive. Though great in theory, and having proven a useful strategy for many hundreds of years, this stagnation in philosophy eventually proved to be their undoing.

When a massive tribe of orks laid siege to Fulhorn, the orks employed tactics that inevitably shattered the dwarve’s lines. In short, the orks saw how immensely slow the stubborn the dwarves were in their exquisite and incredibly heavy plate armor and broke the dwarve’s most basic tactical doctrine by bringing the mountain down on top of them. In a matter of hours, massive landslides and collapses within their halls decimated the military might of Fulhorn and the dwarves were forced to surrender their mountain. The orks killed whom they pleased, took what they wanted and left the clan of Fulhorn in disgrace, poverty and without any direction as to what they might do for their future.

That is, all except for the Jorn family of blacksmiths…

Vonin is not of noble birth, nor of royalty or any semblance of high society. He belongs to a family of middle to lower class blacksmiths who could never find any real place in Fulhorn. Due to the philosophies of their culture, and the fact that for generations the Jorn’s specialty has been weapons and not armor, they were seen as sub-par artisans and therefore of little use. Vonin always despised his own people for their unending stupidity, stubbornness and for the lack of respect they had for his family.

When the orks came, Vonin was amused to see his people’s stupid ways being overcome so easily. (Their fate was of their own making, and to die in battle is always held in dwarven culture as an honor not a tragedy; something to be celebrated not mourned) In fact his only regret is that most of those who fell to the orks did not live to see their folly. This joy didn’t last though, because unlike his own people, the orks valued offense far greater than defense and recognized the incredible weapon forging skills of the family of Jorn. Vonin watched as the orks pillaged what little his family had to support themselves and was forced to forge new weapons for the orks or his family would be slaughtered.

Yet when his work was done, the orks used Vonin’s newly forged weapons on his family, killing them all right in front of him. The orks left Fulhorn shortly afterward, leaving the clan broken, and Vonin’s family in pieces…

Something awoke in Vonin and for three days he worked tirelessly, forging himself a suit of flexible and incredibly crafted scale mail, then he gathered is tools and left Fulhorn never to return. He blamed the idiocy of his people for the fate of his family, but also blamed himself for having knowledge of forging weapons, but not knowing how to wield them. From that day forward, he would wander the world, carrying his trade and his shame with him…

“A good offense is a good offense, defense is only for those who prefer running away.”
-Vonin Jorn, The Wandering Blacksmith

“Adaptation is the key to survival, you must always forge the right tool for the job.”
-Vonin Jorn, The Wandering Blacksmith

Vonin Jorn, The Wandering Blacksmith

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