Corso Diary

A family diary detailing their exploits and secrets...


The Corso Diary is a simple, black leatherbound book, with the Corso family crest inscribed on the cover in gold.

This diary is a record, kept by several members of the Corso family over several generations, detailing their many battles against dark evils. At various times, it refers to the then-current patriarch of the Corso family attending a meeting with members of three other families: the Greylocks, the Netheridges, and the Harkins. These four families were apparently in league against an Enemy (which goes unnamed in the diary).

The final pages of the diary detail the death and burial of the last member of the Corso family, Lord Phillip Corso, beneath the Temple of Auburn Glen.

This diary was taken by the corpse of Thaddeus by the party, and delivered to Arkin, but with the final pages (mentioned above) torn out.


It is yet unknown who the Enemy is…

Corso Diary

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