Amon Kareth: The Vault of Death

Session 3 - Castle Greylock

A new ally joins the team, and the plot to thickens...

The Adventurers:

New members:

The group soon made camp, and as KraKow, Son of KaThum, Ollennia, Ulrik, Vexol Randinson, and Vonin Jorn, The Wandering Blacksmith began to interrogate Ragnar the Prejudiced, they were soon joined by a new face: Lucan, an elf avenger of the Order of Jasari.

As the group tortured Ragnar, they learned that he served the mysterious Lord Khan, whom he had apparently never met, nor did he know what Khan’s plans truly were. Ragnar simply knew the next step was to attack Castle Greylock, where the second key was last seen. The Greylock line had apparently been ended when a vicious band of monsters had slaughtered the residents and taken the castle for their own, and ever since, local maiden girls would occasionally disappear from the nearby roads and villages. Ulrik used a flaming longsword to sever Ragnar’s arms and legs, and blinded him and stuffed him into their bag of holding, and made their way north to Castle Greylock.

As they neared the castle, they fought wolf-like creatures, and discovered a darkness had enveloped the forest, and the animals had been warped into monstrous forms as a result. They discovered the castle had a dark cloud spreading from it, a night that never ended. As the group entered, they found horrible beast-men, monsters dressed as servants. But the group realized these might have been the former residents, transformed just like the wolves had been. They met with the Creature of Castle Greylock, and discovered this was in fact Adam Greylock, the last surviving member of the Greylock line. Adam was a vain, arrogant man, but 20 years ago, on the eve of his wedding to a local village girl, he and his staff awoke to discover they had all been turned into monsters, and his bride-to-be was gone. He and his staff do not change back when they leave the castle, and anyone who enters is also transformed over time. Believing true love’s kiss to be the answer, Adam had taken to sending his men out to abduct local maidens, in the hopes one of them could break the spell. Thus far, they had failed to break the spell, and the women had only become monsters themselves, whom Greylock kept imprisoned in the castle, fearing what would happen if they escaped and told the world what he was doing.

Adam confirmed his family, along with the Corso, Netheridge, and Harkin families, had fought a vicious evil and its forces. The party convinced him to give them his family’s key for safekeeping. Once they had it, they sent a message to Lord Khan in Ragnar’s blood. Khan’s reply revealed he knew they were impostors, and asked to meet them in Redcrest, “where Arkin first hired you.” They realized Ragnar’s army must have told him what was happening. Adam gave them horses (also transformed by the spell), and they rode back to Redcrest.

The party returned to the Wet Dog, and KraKow, Ollennia, and Vexol met an emissary of Lord Khan: a tiefling named Isaac. He informed them that the keys were meant to unlock the Vault of Death, a prison for the enemy of the four families: Raxxus the Dread God of Death. Lord Khan’s forces worshipped death, and wish to bring the world of the dead to the material plane. Isaac revealed he himself had died and been brought back.

The party told Isaac that, if he destroyed Redcrest, the party would throw the keys into a river and they would be lost forever. However, they would also not hide the keys in Redcrest, as that would put the town in jeopardy. Isaac agreed, and Redcrest was spared from the army of orcs. Both groups (the party, and Isaac’s army) began the hunt for the next key. The party followed the trail of the third family, the Netheridges…


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