Amon Kareth: The Vault of Death

Session 5 - The Wedding of Eric Netheridge

... and then everything went badly for everyone.

The Adventurers:

The morning of the wedding arrived, and the group prepared for battle. KraKow, Ollennia, and Vonin Jorn were once again flummoxed to find two of their companions, Donella Huba and Lucan had vanished during the night. However, they were pleased to find their ally Vexol Randinson had returned.

Eric Netheridge’s wedding to Katerina took place on the sea, as the fleet assembled off-shore. The group joined the bride and groom on the lead ship, along with a full regimen of soldiers. As the wedding began, it was interrupted as a Kraken attacked the ship. The group was able to fight off the Kraken, but things went from bad to worse when Cecelia arrived and charmed half the crew, including KraKow, into attacking Eric and Katerina. Eric was killed by one of his guards, and KraKow brought down the killing stroke on Katerina. KraKow awoke from the spell only to discover what he had done and fall to his knees in despair.

Once again, the party was able to fight Cecilia off, but the damage was done. The party began to mourn the fallen couple, killed before they could read their vows and be declared man and wife… when suddenly Katerina returned to life, her wounds healed. The party was baffled (except for KraKow, who of course believed it was the divine power of Kamanduul at work). But when they checked for arcane or divine energy around her, they were unable to determine the source of her miraculous resurrection…

As the group returned to shore, they realized that Katerina and Eric had never legally completed the marriage, and that the control of Crystalshore was uncertain. They elected to keep this a secret, and tell the town that the wedding had been completed, and that Katerina was in charge according to law.

The group resolved to track down Ravenna Grimhilde, the Baroness who had apparently held Katerina captive for over 19 years – and who may hold the answers to the mystery that surrounds Katerina…


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