Redcrest is a seedy trade town, located where several major roads and rivers converge. Hundreds of travelers and traders pass through this town, making it a major hub for commerce. Everything can be found for cheap, because there’s always someone willing to sell for a better price.

This is also where adventurers gather to learn what’s going on in the world, and what opportunities there are for folks like them – to tell each other about the baron in the north offering a reward for goblin scalps, or the rumors of a dwarven insurrection in the south.

Sometimes desperate people come to Redcrest to find help, and hire adventurers for various tasks. Walk into any tavern, and you can hear brave men and women boasting of their mighty feats. And it is here our tale begins…

For whatever reason, your character has found his / her way to Redcrest. What brought them there? Were they looking for work? Are they simply stopping here on their way somewhere else? Were they brought here by some noble quest, or perhaps some terrible secret?

Notable places:
The Wet Dog – The tavern the adventurers begin in. Owned and managed by Buxley. This where the dragonborn merchant Arkin can be found most times as well, and where he recruits the group to find his stolen merchandise.


Art from ‘Dungeons & Dragons: The Dungeon-Master’s Guide (4th Edition)’, copyright Wizards of the Coast


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